Magni Chiorda, Philco team bike – 1961
Condition: full preserved
Framebuilder: Unknow, probably Artide (Faenza) or Gilardi
Frame/Fork: Columbus SL
Bottom Bracket shell: Georg Fischer
Group: Campagnolo Record 1960
Handlebar/Stem: Ambrosio Champion
Rims: Nisi
NOTE: bicycle builded for the 1961 Philco team.
From 1960 to 1962 the Philco team participated to Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the World Championship.
among their cyclists champions such as Adorni, Bitossi and Carlesi.
Ph. Frameteller


Philco team. On the left Ernesto Colnago, the team’s chief mechanic.


1960, Carlo Brugnami, Philco team


1962 Philco on Tour de France
Nancy 25 June 1962, G.S. Philco team at the Tour de France